Ah, fruity cocktails, we love you.

Bursting with flavour, tasting incredible, and you count towards our five a day, right? Kind of? A little bit?  

Look, we’re just going to take your lack of eye contact and complete silence as a loud, emphatic yes.

So, with that democratically cleared up, we think it’s about time we introduce you to our Blackberry Bliss. It’s mouthwateringly sweet, sharp, and now, all yours.

Here’s how to make it for yourself.


Cocktail bag (fine, or a glass)

Boston tin


37.5ml Ketel One vodka
12.5ml Chambord
12.5ml Watermelon syrup
12.5ml Gomme syrup
12.5ml Apple juice
12.5ml Lime juice
10 Blackberries


1 Grapefruit wedge


Grab your Boston tin and fill it with ice. Then round up you new best friends, a.k.a your ingredients, and add them to the Boston tin. That’s the Ketel One vodka, the Chambord, watermelon and gomme syrups, apple juice and lime juice. Don’t forget your blackberries at this stage – adding them before shaking will help release the sharp flavour!

Give this mix a vigorous shake until you start to feel biceps developing. Then once your arms are duly rested, get a hold of your cocktail bag (of if you’re boring, your glass), fill it full of crushed ice and then strain the contents of your Boston tin into it.

Finally, tie your bag with a cutesy ribbon, slide in a straw, then finish it off by adding your wedge of grapefruit as a garnish.


Sorted. Has it ever been so easy to get your five a day? We think not.

Now, if you fancy yourself a bit of a cocktail connoisseur and want to tackle a more challenging mix, get involved in one of our Cocktail Masterclasses, where we’ll show you all the tricks of the trade.

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