Let us guess, you don’t get gin, do you?

Like, you know a gin revolution happened – making it the hottest spirit right now – you just don’t know where you were when this was going on.

Napping? Catching up on Game of Thrones? Generally avoiding most social interactions?

Look, it’s okay, we’re not here to judge. In fact, we think our new cocktail the Gettin’ Ginny Wit’ It is all the help you’ll need to jump on the gin bandwagon.

You see, one taste of this blend will have you brushed up on the botanical spirit in no time at all. To make sure you’re a loyal convert, we’re even showing you how to make it at home.

Is it hard? Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, we’re Gettin’ Ginny Wit’ It. Now here’s all you need to know to make Will Smith’s fav new cocktail. 


Boston tin
Cooler glass


37.5ml Beefeater gin
12.5ml Vanilla liqueur
12.5ml Passion fruit syrup
12.5ml Passion fruit purée
A dash of Blue Curaçao
50ml Orange juice


Orange slice
A little umbrella (non-negotiable)


Grab your Boston tin and fill it with cubed ice, the bigger the better. Then round up all the ingredients except for the Blue Curaçao, and them to the Boston tin. That’s the Beefeater gin, the vanilla liqueur, passion fruit syrup and purée, and the orange juice.

Give it all a good shake until it starts to count as exercise. Then find a cooler glass (a Collins glass will probably do the trick too), and strain the contents of your Bostin tin into it.

Now, the fun bit. Grab the Blue Curaçao, give it a kiss for good luck, then slowly add. Pour it gently down the side of the glass and let it settle at the bottom. Don’t even think about stirring. We’ll know if you do.

Finally, add your orange slice, a cutesy umbrella and pop in a straw, ‘cause a mix like this deserves to be sipped.


Sorted. You’re an estimated 54 seconds away from loving gin and being part of the mainstream.

Want to carry on being a hipster, though?

Get involved in one of our Cocktail Masterclasses, where we’ll teach you all our delicious cocktails that haven’t got big and sold out yet.

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