In the true words of Will Smith, we’re gettin ginny wit it… oh wait, is that not what he said?

As your mum would say, gin is now ‘trendy’. It’s cool. It’s what ‘the kids’ are drinking nowadays. It’s kinda like the flared trousers of the drinks world, it’s back and it’s better than ever.

So, of course, we had to get a good old glug of gin into one of our cocktails, which brings us to introducing you to our favourite new gin cocktail – Gettin Ginny Wit It!


Boston Tin
Cooler Glass

Gettin Ginny Wit It Ingredients

37.5ml Beefeater Gin
12.5ml Vanilla Liqueur
12.5ml Passion Fruit Syrup
12.5ml Passion Fruit Purée
A Dash of Blue Curaçao
50ml Orange Juice
Garnish with a Slice of Orange and a Tiny Paper Umbrella (Not essential but highly recommended)


How to Make a Gettin Ginny Wit It Cocktail

  1. Fill that Boston tin with some big ol’ cubes of ice before chucking in all of your ingredients except for the Blue Curacao and your garnishes (aka, don’t put the umbrella in yeah?)
  2. Now it’s time ‘roc ya body, mic check 1, 2’ and give that Boston tin a good shaking.
  3. Once thoroughly mixed, find a swanky glass and strain that cocktail in.
  4. Time for a little magic. Start pouring your Blue Curaçao down one side of the glass and let it settle at the bottom.
  5. Finish with a slice of orange, a straw and that cute umbrella and get sippin’.

We recommend enjoying our Gettin’ Ginny Wit It cocktail whilst listening to Gettin Jiggy Wit It on full volume but other 90’s tracks are available.

Sorted. You’re an estimated 54 seconds away from loving gin and being part of the mainstream.

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