Sometimes, all it takes is a cocktail to put some sunshine into your life.

When the gloomy weather starts to get you down, our Guava Colada is just what the doctor ordered.

Well, kind of. That would be a very irresponsible prescription. But also a very awesome one.

That’s why we’re prescribing you this awesomely sun-kissed recipe. Enjoy.


Tin Can


37.5ml Stoli

12.5ml Licor 43

12.5ml lime juice

25ml guava purée

75ml pineapple juice


1 cocktail umbrella

1 pineapple leaf

1 pineapple wedge


Grab a boston glass and your tin can. Fill both of them up with cubed ice. Add all ingredients to boston glass. Shake well and strain into the tin can. Top it all off with crushed ice, then arrange your garnishes in a lovely manner.

Revolution_Blog How to make a Guava Colada_Small_500x500

Now doesn’t that taste like paradise?

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