Do you like summer vibes?

Of course you do. Especially when they’re made up with a splash of premium Stoli vodka.

Our Strawberry Spritz cocktail is everything you need to feel sunny on the inside.

Here’s the official Strawberry Spritz recipe you need to try:


High ball

Strawberry Sprtiz Ingredients

25ml Stoli vodka

25ml Strawberry flavoured vodka

12.5ml Aperol

12.5ml lemon juice

1 tspn strawberry jam

1 can of lemonade


Mint sprig

Lemon slice

Half a strawberry

How to Make a Strawberry Spritz Cocktail:

  1. Fill up your high ball glass halfway with ice, then pour over both vodkas, the aperol and the lemon juice.
  2. Then, add a teaspoonful of strawberry jam.
  3. Give these ingredients a good churn with your barspoon.
  4. Now, top up with ice and lemonade, before arranging the lemon, strawberry and mint garnish elegantly on top

There you go. We’ve basically just given you the recipe to a permanent summer.

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