Sweet dreams are made of this… this being vodka, rum and rainbow drops!

We’re taking you on a tasty trip down memory lane with this retro inspired bev – our Sweet Dreams cocktail!

It’S bright, it’s colourful and it’s going to make you a little on the giddy side cause ya know, sugar, vodka, rum… you get the picture!

We’re going to make your sweetest dreams come true and give your our sweet dreams cocktail recipe so you can whip one up for yourself at home!


Boston tin
Hurricane glass
A tiny, tiny peg

Sweet Dreams Cocktail Ingredients

25ml Ketel One vodka
12.5ml Malibu rum
12.5ml Blue Curaçao
75ml pineapple juice
12.5ml lime juice
12.5ml grenadine syrup
Crushed ice

Garnish with a pineapple leaf and a bag of Rainbow Drops

How to Make a Sweet Dreams Cocktail

  1. Fill that Boston tin halfway with crushed ice and add your vodka, Malibu, blue curaçao and lime juice.
  2. Shake it like a polaroid picture… or like a Boston tin, whatever works
  3. Once shaken to satisfaction, fill your chilled glass with some ice and drizzle the grenadine on top, coating the sides of the glass too.
  4. Throw in your pineapple juice and then top with the contents of your Boston tin.
  5. Stick a pineapple leaf and straw in the top and because the sugar contents of this cocktail isn’t currently high enough, peg a bag of rainbow drops to the side of the glass for snacking!


This cocktail really is what sweets dreams are made of, so if you want to see how the professionals shake one of these up, head to your local Revolution bar!

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