Whisky Sour.

The name is enough to scare most people, making it the kind of cocktail you order when you want to sound like you know what you’re doing. As much as we love them, the same doesn’t really apply to a Strawberry Woo Woo, right?

Make no mistake, the Whisky Sour is a definitive classic, with its existence dating back at least to the 1860’s. But this simple, elegant cocktail fell victim to its own popularity. Over in the States, bottles of pre-made, low-quality Whisky Sour began to hit shelves everywhere, rendering it totally uncool. Kind of like when Primark started doing onesies.

Thankfully, the hype has died down now. The Whisky Sour is back on the menu for those who are tired of cocktails with more outlandish ingredients than a Heston Blumenthal paella. All we have here is whiskey, lemon, sugar and egg white. A lot of the time, less is more.

Especially the way we make it.

Here’s how to make a Whisky Sour at home. Give it a spin yourself. You can’t really go wrong.


A shaker
A strainer
A short glass

Whisky Sour ingredients

50ml Monkey Shoulder Whisky
12.5ml sugar syrup
12.5ml lemon
25ml egg whites
3 dash bitters



How to make a Whisky Sour

Add all ingredients, except the ice into the shaker and shake for about 10 seconds. Add in the cubed ice and shake it (like a polaroid picture) for another 10 seconds.

Strain over fresh ice into a glass and pop a cherry on top, if you’re feeling fancy.

There you have it. Make them for your friends sometime – they taste amazing, plus they’ll be impressed that you’ve managed to do something with whisky beside adding coke to it.


If you want to learn even more, we’d recommend booking into one of our Cocktail Masterclasses.  No pressure though – it’s not like we’re a world-leading purveyor of alcoholic beverages or anything, right?

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