We get it, change is scary but when mixing up the classics tastes this good, there’s nothing to be scared of!

Dutch Mule cocktails have been on fancy leather-bound cocktail menus for many years now but here at Revolution, we’re all about evolution, so we weren’t simply going to keep things traditional with our Dutch Mule were we?Don’t panic, we’ve only added a bit of this and a bit of that to make it better than ever and if you fancy finding out what those new additions are for yourself, here’s our Dutch Mule cocktail recipe for you to try yourself:


Jam jar glass

Boston tin

Dutch Mule Cocktail Ingredients

37.5 ml Ketel One vodka

12.5ml Peach liqueur

12.5ml Apple syrup

12.5ml Blackcurrant

12.5ml Lime juice

Bramble jam

75ml Aspall Suffolk Cyder

Garnish with 2 lime wheels and blackberries

How to Make a Dutch Mule Cocktail

  1. Fill your Boston tin with cubed ice and add your vodka and all your other ingredients apart from the Cyder and your garnishes
  2. Shake for as long as you can be bothered to and then strain into your glass which you have already conveniently filled with cubed ice
  3. Top with your Aspall Suffolk Cyder and make it look pretty with a bit of garnish and there you do, good enough to drink!

So what we went a little rogue with the recipe for this Dutch Mule? Being a little bad-ass tastes good doesn’t it?

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