Look, alright, we’ve seen the tweets from the BORING cocktail purists. We noted the Facebook comments. And we’ll start monitoring your online petition once it gets over three signatures.

Okay? We get it. But if you think we’ll never meddle with the classic cocktails ever again…

Well, you’re very much mistaken.  

Never the type to follow the rules, we’ve only gone and totally reinvented the simple Moscow Mule with a fruity, Dutch twist, thanks to the help of Ketel One and their silky smooth vodka.

We just can’t resist a bit of meddling, and we suggest you tear up the rule book too by learning to mix one of these bad boys.

Everybody, meet our Dutch Mule, and make it yours. It’s simply d-licious!


Jam jar glass

Boston tin


37.5 ml Ketel One vodka

12.5ml Peach liqueur

12.5ml Apple syrup

12.5ml Blackcurrant

12.5ml Lime juice

Bramble jam

75ml Aspall Suffolk Cyder


2 Lime wheels

1 Blackberry


Grab your Boston tin and fill it with cubed ice. Add the Ketel One vodka and the rest of your ingredients, leaving the Aspall Suffolk Cyder to one side.

Give this mix a vigorous shake for approximately 12.3 seconds. Now get a hold of your jam jar glass, fill it with cubed ice and then strain the contents of your Bostin tin into the jam jar glass.

Finally, top the drink with your Apsall Suffolk Cyder and to start the summer vibes early, add a couple of lime wheels and a blackberry for garnish.


Sorted. Now sit back, relax and thank your lucky stars that we’ve never bothered to even look at a rulebook.

If you love the look of this and want to take things to the next level, you can check out the other awesome Ketel One cocktail specials we have on offer AND our cocktail menu.

Or, keep practising your mix, muddle and shake with our other ridiculous cocktails below. Even better, book a cocktail making class for some awesome entertainment.

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