It’s time we left winter alone.

Sure, it’s colder and darker than you remembered. And yes, Christmas has left us and the effects on the waistline haven’t.

But hold on, winter isn’t worth wishing away just for the three measly days of fair weather we’ll inevitably be handed in summer.

As usual – we’re here to help you out with this one. Learn to embrace the best of winter with our magical Long Icelandic Tea. A twist on the classic, this heady combination of Reyka vodka, Olmeca tequila and Peach Handcrafted Flavour is the coolest thing to come out of Iceland since, well, ice. Want to make it yourself? Get your gloves and check out Long Icelandic Tea cocktail recipe below:


Hurricane glass

Long Icelandic Tea Ingredients

25ml Reyka vodka

12.5ml Olmeca tequila

25ml Peach Handcrafted Flavour

Drizzle of Blue Curaçao

Splash Lemon juice

Top of Ting Grapefruit Soda

How to Make a Long Icelandic Tea Cocktail

  1. Grab a highball glass and fill it with cubed ice and the lemon juice.
  2. Then it’s the fun part; add the Reyka vodka, Olmeca tequila, Peach Handcrafted Flavour and the Blue Curaçao. That’s right, all in one
  3. Then give everything a really good shake (ideally for around ten seconds).
  4. Once suitably shaken, finish off by adding the Ting and there you have it!

It’s fresh, fruity and makes winter feel all the more bearable!

Does cocktail making get any easier than that? You’re just 44 seconds from taking you and all your friends to the land of ice and fire.

But if Iceland isn’t your thing (what?!) then have no fear, you can always check out our other cocktail specials to find your perfect flavour.