Look, despite what you may have heard, we’ve definitely not been getting restless waiting for summer. In fact, talk like that is just straight up libel, okay.

Yeah, so we have been carrying tanning lotion with us at every opportunity. And maybe we are currently wearing flip-flops. So what? Come on, it’s not like we know that summer is 9,503,563 seconds away…

Alright, we might have a problem. But rather than doing nothing, we think we’ve come up with something to make the path to summer that little bit brighter. One taste of our explosive cocktail the Short Fuse, Sunshine will have you dipping your toes in the pool of summer feels. Seriously.

So if you’re struggling like us, here’s an easy peasy way to make your own. We recommend getting those sunglasses on.


Boston tin

Hurricane glass


37.5ml Sailor Jerry rum

12.5ml Malibu

12.5ml Watermelon syrup

25ml Strawberry purée

12.5ml Lemon juice

50ml Ting


Pineapple leaf




Grab your Boston tin and fill it with cubed ice. Add the Sailor Jerry and Malibu rum, watermelon syrup, strawberry purée and finally the lemon juice. Give this a vigorous shake for around ten seconds. Now grab your hurricane glass, fill it with cubed ice and then strain the sweet contents of your Bostin tin into the hurricane glass. Throw some crushed ice on top before topping with Ting.

To really get summer started, garnish with a grapefruit wedge, a pineapple leaf and, after donning your sunnies, add a mini sparkler to the mix.  

There you have it. You can all now stop talking about our restlessness for summer because after making this, it’s basically here.

If you love the look of this (who wouldn’t?) and want to see more like it, check out our full drinks menu for some inspo next time you need a taste of sunshine.

Or, if you fancy yourself a bit of a cocktail connoisseur, get involved in one of our cocktail masterclasses, where we’ll show you all the tricks of the trade.

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