The Negroni. The Old Fashioned . The Martini. These cocktails represent the pinnacle of class. Nothing says ‘take me seriously’ like standing at the bar drinking a strong, bitter cocktail.

But sometimes, even James Bond has to let his hair down.

That’s when he asks for a Cherry Woo Woo. Then, he takes off his blazer, jumps onto the bar and starts twerking the night away Coyote Ugly style (picture Sean Connery doing that, and this gets very creepy).

Okay – maybe that’s too far. But one thing’s for sure…

… the Cherry Woo Woo ain’t classy, but it is exactly the cocktail your taste buds want.


Frappé cup


37.5ml Cherry Vodka Flavour

37.5ml Peach Vodka Flavour

12.5ml Lime juice

12.5ml Strawberry puree

50ml Cranberry juice


Cherry laces


Grab your blender, and throw in all of the ingredients. Then, fill your frappé cup with ice and throw that into the blender too. Blend until smooth. Pour the mix into the frappé cup and garnish with strawberry laces.

Ooooh. Now that’s a damn cheeky cocktail. Enjoy it. It’s not often you get a good excuse to let your hair down, and a Cherry Woo Woo is as good a reason as any.

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