Hey, we know why you’re here. 

We know why you’ve clicked on this blog. We know why you’re reading this when you have so much other stuff to be doing. And we know why, despite never reading a cocktail recipe before and not even really liking cocktails that much, you’ve decided that this blog simply must be read.

It’s the jug, isn’t it? Look, it’s fine. It’s fine. We get it.

You’re not here for the sweet fruity flavours of Plymouth and Beefeater Pink gin shaken with strawberry purée, passion fruit and pineapple juice. You’re here for the jug. And just the jug.

Well, seeing as you’ve got this far, here’s how to make our dreamy Glug Jug (including where to buy the actual jug from! Unless you’ve only already stolen it from us! Which you probably have! Argh!).


Glug Jug (follow the link to buy your own!)
Boston tin

Glug Jug ingredients

25ml Plymouth gin
25ml Beefeater Pink gin
25ml strawberry purée
12.5ml passion fruit syrup
12.5ml lime juice
75ml pineapple juice


Mint sprig

How to make a Glug Jug

Lucky for you, this cocktail is easier to make than it is to drink. And it’s very easy to drink. Once you have a straw. (You will definitely need a straw!).

Simply take your Boston tin, fill it with cubed ice and then add ALL your ingredients in the most outrageous manner you can think of. With that done, it’s time to give it a shake. Keep shaking until you feel like it’s perfectly mixed. You’ll know. Believe us, you’ll know.

Next, add some cubed ice to your Glug Jug, or whatever funky receptacle you can find, then strain your beautiful blend straight in. And there you have it! A dream of a cocktail in the craziest jug you’ve ever seen.


Now, if you CBA buying your own jug, book your table and get a taste from the real thing right here.

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