Here’s How to Make the Best Sloe Gin Cocktail on the Revolution Bars Menu!

It’s understated, it’s sophisticated and it tastes just so good, the Go Sloe cocktail, Revolution’s most popular sloe gin cocktail.

It’s one of the most straight forward sloe gin cocktail recipes to follow with just a few ingredients and a super quick method to throw it all together, so if you want something refreshing to sip on whilst answering your email, watching your box set or swiping through your dating apps, the Go Sloe is the perfect recipe for you!


Just a bottle of Mr Lyan Superfly soda!

Go Sloe Ingredients

50ml Plymouth Sloe gin
330ml Firefly Mr Lyan Superfly Soda
12.5ml Lemon Juice
A Sprig of Mint (For Garnish)

How to Make a Go Sloe Cocktail

  1. Before you can begin mixing up this sloe gin creation, you need to sip a bit of your Firefly Mr Lyan Superfly Soda out of the bottle to make a little room for the rest of your ingredients.
  2. Once you’ve cleared a bit of your soda out the bottle, pour in your Plymouth Sloe Gin and your melon juice, pop the lid on the bottle and give it a little shake
  3. Drink it. No seriously, it’s ready, that was it, you can drink it now!

Slightly pushing it calling this a sloe gin cocktail recipe but technically there are ingredients, there’s a method and there’s a great tasting Go Sloe cocktail at the end, so yep, pat on the back to us, that’s a recipe!

If you know you COULD make that yourself but still want to sit in a cool bar and watch a skilled bartender throw around cocktail shakers and make drinks for you, book your table at your local Revolution bar for the full cocktail experience!

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