Deleting every unread email from your inbox. Putting on a fresh pair of underwear. Going for a nice long walk (to the pub). 

Look, there are loads of ways to get a bit of refreshment. But our Go Sloe cocktail? With Plymouth Sloe gin and fruity Mr Lyan Superfly soda? Packed with flavours of sweet redcurrant, zesty grapefruit and white grape?

There’s no doubt about it, it’s the best way to get some refreshment this summer. And our most refreshing cocktail yet.

A magical, mouthwatering mix that goes down fast whether you like it or not, here’s how to make our Go Sloe from the comfort of home. You’re welcome!


Just a bottle of Mr Lyan Superfly soda!


50ml Plymouth Sloe gin
330ml Firefly Mr Lyan Superfly soda
12.5ml lemon juice


A sprig of mint
Butterfly stickers optional


Now, we don’t want to say that this cocktail is as easy to make as pouring gin and lemon juice into a bottle… But this cocktail is as easy to make as pouring gin and lemon juice into a bottle.

Start by drinking 75ml of your precious Mr Lyan Superfly soda to make some room in the bottle, then add your Plymouth Sloe gin and lemon juice. Give this new creation a shake, and there you have it!

No, really. It’s that easy. We’re not kidding. We wish we were. This is as easy as cocktail-making gets. So enjoy it.


But if this mix is still a bit too advanced for your cocktail-making abilities (really???)… Book your table and get a taste of the real thing right here.

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