Forget all this talk of storms in teacups, we’re bringing you a seriously tasty storm in a cocktail glass (or mason jar in this case…)

We’ve checked the forecast for your night out and luckily for you, all we’re seeing is plenty of Tropic Thunders.

Forget everything you once thought about tropical storms and get familiar with this fruity but a little sour concoction of vodka, amaretto and citrus flavours, also known as Revolution’s very own Tropic Thunder cocktail.

You don’t need to be in a bar to enjoy a good thundershower, you can whip one up yourself at home!


Mason Jar
Boston Tin

Tropic Thunder Cocktail Ingredients

50ml Ketel One vodka
25ml SKYY Passion Fruit vodka
25ml Luxardo amaretto
25ml Coco Reàl
50ml Pineapple Juice
25ml Lime Juice
Top With a Can of Ting
2 Pineapple Wedges (For Garnish)
Go All Out Extra With Some Paper Umbrellas And a Pineapple Leaf if You Fancy

How to make a Tropic Thunder Cocktail

  1. Grab that boston tin and fill up with some cubed ice before adding in all your ingredients apart from the Ting and the bits and bobs you’ve got for garnish.
  2. Shake, shake, shake senora… for about 10 seconds until your arms get tired and your cocktail is perfectly blended.
  3. Fill your mason jar up with the contents of your boston tin (even the ice) and finally fill to the top with your Ting!
  4. Time to send this Tropic Thunder wild with some great looking garnish! We’re talking pineapple wedges, pineapple leaf, even some paper umbrellas if you fancy!

There you have it! Now, there are rumours that one sip of this will ship you straight to a seafront shack in Bermuda, so grab your BFF to share this teasingly tropical blend. Or, don’t. It’s up to you.

And if you loved making this and want to take your snazzy mixology knowledge to the next level, book to be a part of our next Cocktail Masterclass, where we’ll show you all the tricks of the trade, and make you sure you have fun while doing it!

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