Baby, it’s cold outside, so let us warm you up with the recipe for our lip-smackingly tasty Merry Kissmas cocktail!

A sweet fruity mix made with vodka and vanilla liqueur, this one’s perfect if you’re looking to blend something romantic up for bae during the holiday season. So, you ready? Let us create!


Boston can/tin
Cocktail strainer
Coupe glass
Kiss mark-shaped stencil (we’ve found one you can print and cut out here!)

Merry Kissmas Ingredients

37.5ml Ketel One vodka
12.5ml vanilla liqueur
75ml pineapple juice
25ml cranberry juice

Lime wedge
Strawberry jam


Fun-sized Love Hearts
Teeny tiny peg
Raspberry sherbert

How to make a Merry Kissmas cocktail

Now, the main ingredient in this Christmas cutie is love, so… Nah, we’re just kidding. Grab your Boston can, tin and coupe glass. Fill your can and your glass with cubed ice to chill both.

Add all the ingredients (including the jam and lime wedge, just give it a squeeze first!) to your iced Boston can, and hard shake for seven heavenly seconds. Then, empty your now-chilled coupe glass and fine strain the cocktail into that glass. Like magic, this will create that gorgeously thick foamy layer on top of the drink.

And here’s where it gets seriously sweet. Grab your pouty stencil and pucker up – meaning shake your raspberry sherbert over the top to create the *mwah* kiss mark! Then, peg your Love Hearts to the rim of the glass and voila! The perfect Merry Kissmas!


Love that? Well, we’ve got plenty more where that came from. Book in for one of our famous Cocktail Masterclasses to learn the secrets of the pros.

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