Forget relying on mistletoe for that Crimbo kiss, our Merry Kissmas cocktail is the perfect recipe for romance

The sweet taste of Christmas loving, our Merry Kissmas cocktail is the perfect way to kick start a little festive flirting.

A quick wink and the ability to whip up one of these Christmas themed cocktails, your DMs will be flooded with messages from admirers in no time!


Boston can/tin
Cocktail strainer
Coupe glass
Kiss mark-shaped stencil (we’ve found one you can print and cut out here!)

Merry Kissmas Ingredients

37.5ml Ketel One vodka
12.5ml vanilla liqueur
75ml pineapple juice
25ml cranberry juice

Lime wedge
Strawberry jam

Garnish with Fun-sized Love Hearts, a Teeny tiny peg and Raspberry sherbert

How to make a Merry Kissmas cocktail

  1. Fill your boston tin and coupe glass up with cubed ice
  2. Add all your ingredients (even the jam and lime) to your ice-filled Boston tin and give it a little shimmy and shake
  3. Remove the ice from your glass and fine strain your cocktail in to the glass
  4. Use your stencil to create a raspberry sherbet flavour pout on top of your foamy cocktail and peg your adorable little pack of Love Hearts to the side of the glass

Enjoy for yourself or offer your creation to anyone that you fancy meeting under the mistletoe later!

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