The most hardcore cocktail of them all, we mean, it’s served in a tin can? That’s pretty edgy.

It’s not sensible or actually allowed to get inked whilst under the influence of alcohol but if you’ve always fancied sipping a cocktail whilst getting a tat then we’ve got the perfect solution for you – our new Tattoo-ti Fruity cocktail!

Served in-bar with a cheeky little temporary tattoo to apply while you drink, if you want to continue getting inked (and a bit tipsy) at home then here’s how to make a Tattoo-ti Fruity yourself at home!


Tin can

Boston glass

Tattoo-ti Fruity Ingredients

37.5ml Sailor Jerry rum

12.5ml Licor 43

25ml Strawberry puree

75ml Pineapple juice

12.5ml Passion fruit syrup

12.5ml Lime juice

Garnish with a passionfruit shell

How to Make a Tattoo-ti Fruity

  1. Grab your Boston tin, add some cubed ice and throw in all your other ingredients, apart from the passion fruit shell
  2. Shake it like you mean it
  3. Pour that mixture into your tin can, top with crushed ice and a passion fruit shell and BOSH – done!

Kick back, enjoy your cocktail and admire your new ink!

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