Let us guess, you like the idea of tattoos, but just don’t think they’re for you.

It’s fine, we get it. You’re worried what your lovely old granny will say, or how it might not look so great when you’re sixty-five (despite the rest of your bod being absolutely bangin’, obvs).

As usual though, we’ve got you sorted.

Our new cocktail the Tattoo-Ti Fruity is served with your very own temporary body art, so you can get inked all by yourself. Made with Sailor Jerry rum, we’re shore just one taste will give you a h-anchoring for a life on the high seas. That’s why we’ve decided to get you all on deck, and show you how it’s done. We’re good like that.

So without further ado, here’s how to make the Tattoo-Ti Fruity at home.

Please ink responsibly.


Tin can

Boston glass


37.5ml Sailor Jerry rum

12.5ml Licor 43

25ml Strawberry puree

75ml Pineapple juice

12.5ml Passion fruit syrup

12.5ml Lime juice


Passion fruit shell


Grab your Boston glass and fill it with cubed ice. Add the Sailor Jerry rum and Licor 43. Then, throw in the strawberry puree, the pineapple juice, the passion fruit syrup and finally squeeze in a little lime.

Now you’re going to want to give the whole thing a shake (forget being gentle!). Finally pour the contents from your Boston glass into your traditional tin can, and top with crushed ice and a passion fruit shell.

Sorted. Now sit back, relax, and drop the anchor on another day. You’ve earned it.

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