Summer is basically here, which means only one thing:

Your body has a crucial need for ice cream. You have not gone more than seven consecutive minutes without thinking about ice cream. You’re pretty sure that you need ice cream more than you need blood.

You do not care that you’re an adult with bills and responsibilities. You have seriously considered leaving your job and becoming an ice cream man. You already know what jingle you’ll play.

And while we definitely think the world needs one more ice cream man, we’re saving you from yourself by showing you how to make a delicious blend of alcohol AND ice cream…

It’s our Ice Dream. And it’s all kinds of chill, even if you’re not this summer.


Frappé cup

Ice Dream ingredients

50ml Mango & Pineapple Revolution Handcrafted Flavour (mango & pineapple juice will do the trick!)
25ml Melted Ice Cream Revolution Handcrafted Flavour (melted vanilla ice cream will also work!)
25ml passion fruit purée
75ml pineapple juice


1 exotic ice lolly

How to make an Ice Dream

First things first, find your blender. Top tip: it’s at the back of your cupboard next to the popcorn maker/pasta machine/toastie maker.

Once you’ve got it, chuck all your ingredients into the blender. That’s the Mango & Pineapple and Melted Ice Cream Handcrafted Flavours, the passion fruit purée and pineapple juice. Then take your exotic ice lolly, cut in in half and throw the top section into the blender too.

Then fill your frappé cup with crushed ice to get it nice and cold, and throw this ice into the blender as well.

Time for the fun bit. Stick on the blender lid (we can’t stress how important this is) and give it a blast for around 30 seconds or until you can’t wait any longer – whichever comes first. Pour this dream of a mix into your frappé cup, then grab the rest of your ice lolly and carefully add it to the cocktail so it still looks good enough to bag 49 likes on Instagram.


And there you have it!

Now if we’re completely honest, you’ll probably only get a proper taste of this mythical cocktail in bar, so gallop on down to your nearest Revolution ASAP.

And while you’re there? Get a lesson from the experts by checking out one of our amazing Cocktail Masterclasses, and create some of the dreamiest flavour combos you’ve ever seen.

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